You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
Activate the service SMS-billingand on your website for payment of goods or services. This function can be used to provide paid services on forums, Dating sites, online-games, SMS-chats and polls, game servers, multiplayer gaming, file sharing and so on.
Use ready to connect service SMS-billingand the website. For example, go to such a service Read the terms of service under "terms of use". If you are satisfied with all the rules, click "Register" or "activate". Enter the username and password in the system, the e-mail address these fields are mandatory.
If desired, enter the icq number and Skype username, and then select the way to register as an individual or as a legal entity. Enter your surname, name and patronymic. Then specify a contact telephone number, preferably mobile. Enter the number in international format (+380...).
Select from the drop-down list the way of making money, ie. where you want to get tools that the user sends via SMS. This may be the system "Yandex-money" Web-money. You can also choose the option of "recharge mobile".
Next, enter the number of purse or mobile phone to send money. Be careful when introducing numbers. Then select the currency display and calculation, enter the security code from the image.
Select the check box for "Accept the rules", then click "Send" to make SMSbilling for your website. After activating your account go to the website and click "Create project".
Select the project, click "Next". In the next window, enter a link to your website and description. Select the rate, click "Next". Set the appearance of the forms of SMSbilling. In the last window, click the "form Code" and copy the code to place SMSbilling for your website. Paste the code in the Body tag of your web page.