Many Housewives think that homemade yogurt can be made only in multicookings with the special function of "yogurt", but it is not. For the preparation of the Goodies you can use any slow cooker that has a function of "heating" (and it is absolutely all multicookings).

What products are necessary for making yogurt in a slow cooker

All that is required for making yogurt at home is milk and a starter culture. Yeast can be purchased, for example, in the supermarket or pharmacy. Also as a starter you can use yogurt bought in the store. But it is worth noting that the choice of this product must be approached with seriousness, categorically not suitable options with a long shelf-life, an impressive list of composition and taste of various fillers. Note the natural live yoghurt with a shelf life up to 10 days, in which there are two-three products.

How to make yogurt in a slow cooker without the function "yogurt"

You will need:

- a liter of fresh milk of average fat content (better to use homemade milk);

- 150 grams of natural live yoghurt.

Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Cool to 40 ° C, add 150 g natural live yoghurt and mix well.

Take a small glass containers (beakers or jars), pour over them boiling water, then pour in the milk (it should be noted that the container should be selected such that they easily fit in the bowl multivarki).

At the bottom of the Cup multivarki put a thin towel, folded in two or three layers, and place them on a towel container with milk, covered with cling film. Carefully pour into the bowl multivarki water so that the jars of milk were half in the water. Close the lid multivarki and set the mode to "heating".

After four to six hours, open the lid multivarki and check the readiness of the product. The finished yogurt will have a pretty thick consistency and when tilted to the side banks will not flow from it. The finished yogurt will cool and serve. Optionally, you can add any fruit, jams, preserves, etc.