You will need
    • Dry sourdough;
    • 2 liters of milk;
    • a large sheet of paper or towel;
    • A 2-liter capacity.
The basis for the starter cultures can be purchased at the pharmacy, it may be a dry leaven as: "Narine", "Evitaliya", "Bifidumbacterin or Lactobacterin". Thus, it can be any substance containing a live beneficial bacteria, able to reproduce.
Boil 2 liters of milk (take any fat), cool to a temperature of 37-42 degrees. Remove the formed foam. Add the milk 1 serving purchased dry yeast, pre-spreading it in warmed milk. Thoroughly mix the resulting composition. Tightly close the container with the contents cover. Dishes with fermented milk wrap 3-5 layers of thick paper, cover with a thick cloth and place in a warm place for fermentation for 11-13 hours (for example near the battery or heater). Pre-cool, put in refrigerator for a couple of hours. After that the starter can be used for making yogurt.
Two liters of the obtained sourdough need to share:
- two-thirds for direct ingestion, ranging from the treatment (if you want to use yogurt for medicinal purposes)
- one third for the subsequent preparation of new portions of yoghurt (current starter), leave in the fridge.
For making another batch of yogurt boil 2 liter milk, cool to a temperature of 37-42 C, remove the formed foam, add a clean spoon two-thirds Cup of the existing starter, and stir and close the lid. Dishes with fermented milk wrap 3-5 layers of paper, wrapped in a thick cloth and place in a heated room for 8-9 hours for the fermentation. Then put in the refrigerator. After 3 hours the yogurt can be used in food. Remaining current starter to use the same algorithm on the basis of two thirds Cup per 2 liters of milk.