The effect of charges on the hair and the principle of operation of the dryer.

There are positive and negative charges that affect the entire body. Mostly it is noticeable on the hair. When the accumulation of positive charges electrified strands, become fluffy and frizzy. Under the influence of negative particles scales on the hair close, so that they become manageable, shiny and smooth.

When you turn on the hair dryer ionizing function aktiviziruyutsya inside built-in negative ion generator, which enriches the exhaust air. Getting into hair, they neutralize formed by heating the positive charges.

The benefits of a Hairdryer with ionizer

The main advantage of such dryers is a positive effect on the hair negatively charged particles. These ions themselves are not able to cure damaged hair, but they help reduce the harmful effects of hot air.
When using ionization, the harm from regular use of the Hairdryer is reduced significantly.

Use the Hairdryer with ionizing the air function prevents the dehydration and dryness of hair. Ions contribute to the transformation of the moisture in the hair instantly absorbed the smallest drops. Hair when it dries faster. All this helps to preserve natural moisture level.

The reason for oily hair might be hiding in their dry state. Therefore, the use of an ionic Hairdryer can help to resolve this issue.
Abundant secretion of sebum may be a defence reaction of the scalp dehydration.

When using a hair dryer with ionization necessarily

The positive effect of the use of such dryers is observed in cold season (autumn, winter), when you have to wear hats. In addition, the function of ionization need for frequent hair styling is more than 1 times in 7 days. A noticeable result on weak, brittle, excessively dry or, conversely, oily hair.

People with healthy hair, a positive result usually do not notice. Therefore, they have the impression that the ionising function is useless. However, it is necessary to recall that ionization does not heal, and minimize the harm from the hot air. As a result, the hair will look healthy and easier to style.