Steam humidifiers air noisy, not very easy to operate and also expend a lot of energy. All such equipment it is advisable to install where it is necessary to create high humidity (winter gardens, greenhouses). In this respect, steam humidifiers comfortable.
Ultrasonic humidifiers air are mostly trendy design, they are more comfortable. Often, these humidifiers can be seen in offices, winter gardens. However for such a technique requires highly purified and demineralized water.
Classic humidifiers are very reliable due to its simple design. For correct work you can even use plain water from the tap. In the design of such humidifiers air used is not too expensive but quite effective replacement cartridge is a sponge.
Purifiers air with moisturizing function are different. They differ from the methods of cleaning the air, and used filters. The better the filter cartridge, the better is cleaned and humidified air. It is worth noting that high-quality filters for air purifiers with moisturizing function are expensive.
Purifiers air with the so-called H. E. P. A. filter. They clean the air from particles having a diameter of 0.3 microns (micropyle, pollen), which are the main causative agents of Allergy. Developed in latest technology purification air , make these cleaners of air even more efficient. Draw your attention to the fact that unscrupulous manufacturers most filters called H. E. P. A. filters. Be careful – the present filter has the name "True H. E. P. A.".
Purifiers air, equipped with a combined filtration system, can contain a set of different filters. Therefore, the effectiveness of this type of cleaning equipment depends on its filter filling.
Also available are models with electrostatic filters and ionizers that neutralize unpleasant odors.