Solovki: what to watch

Solovetsky Islands like no other place in Russia, surrounded by a great number of mysteries, secrets, an aura of inhuman suffering and spirituality. These harsh Northern Islands attract people, it requires a special, thoughtful attitude to life, ability to contemplate and to penetrate to the essence of things. Located in the cold White sea, Solovetsky archipelago, particularly the island of Bolshoy Solovetsky very popular with those interested in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and wants to worship the Holy places, which are called the spiritual heart of Russia. Solovki, places of interest, which at the hearing, and today waiting to be explored.

Stay on Solovki will also appeal to those who are close to the theme of asceticism and the usual everyday heroism of people who in such harsh conditions was able to arrange his life, but for many centuries to set an example to others of selfless service to God. In the 20-30-ies of the last century the Valaam island of the Solovetsky archipelago became a symbol of the suffering and death of many innocent souls – this aura stayed with him forever. Today the Solovetsky Islands is a popular tourist destination. Tourists will impress tpkoe attractions of the Solovki, as:

  • the majestic white walls of convents, built by hand from stones;
  • a network of manmade navigation channels created in the 16th century by the local monks;
  • one-mile dam, connecting together the several Islands;
  • the famous Botanical garden;
  • dock for ship repair.

The first ancient monastery of Solovki there was an ulterior motive on the Islands of the archipelago are found several hundred architectural complexes of great historical value, including large sanctuary and pagan shaman – the most ambitious in the whole Russian North. Most of the constructions found here, historians refer to the stone age, but the exact time of occurrence of objects, no one knows. No one can say anything about their builders, it leaves room for scientific research and imagination.

Solovetsky monastery: a place of Holiness and obedience

All the wonders awaiting travelers here, are countless, however the majority of those who visit Solovki cheap tours here – not a defining moment when choosing a route, because, being aware about these places, as the spiritual heart of the country, many people still do not fully comprehend what they actually have to face Solovki something to see Often personal impressions from the first visit to Solovki are so strong that travelers are eager to come back here again, as in the home where they are welcome.

Visiting Solovki in different time of year, you can get quite different impressions: winter – the Northern lights and the harsh silence of the polar night, the short white nights in the summer. Pristine lakes, untouched nature, plenty of Orthodox shrines: abandoned and temples, monastic hermitages created widespread fame attractions of the Solovetsky Islands not only in Russia but also abroad.