On the body of cats grass affects very favorably. With its help normalize the digestive process, the stomach is cleared of swallowed hair, which cleanly captures the animal during washing. Cat eats grass, provoking the appearance of vomiting – so the body gets rid of the accumulated fur.

The herb is not only rich in fiber but also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. In the winter, when fresh grass on the street cat to feed, you can buy sprouted greens at the pet store or just sow the seeds. Harvest will need to wait very long. In any case don't let the cat eat flowers – it can cause stomach upset, and some plants are simply poisonous.

Cats prefer herbs such as lemon balm, thyme, thyme, cat or field mint, Valerian, barley, wheat, oats. If you are not sure, at the pet store say that you need seeds to grow grass for cats. Can be planted in ordinary flower pot, and even in a makeshift container from a plastic bottle. The boarding capacity will fill two-thirds with earth, to the earth pour the prepared seeds. On top sprinkle with the ground even an inch, and pour over all. If you cover the tank with a piece of plastic that you will help the moisture to remain in the ground, and the seeds will germinate faster. When the grass seems a bit out of the ground, try better RAM. Otherwise the cat when eating capture shoots with the ground and will pull out all the.

Polyethylene can be removed on the fifth or sixth day after sowing grass by this time it germinates. It is necessary to water it every three days. First time grass sow a small amount, observe whether your cat this type. Usually animals willingly eat young fresh and green. Just make it a rule every week to drop off a fresh batch. Timely addition of appropriate substances in the cat's diet you will ensure that household pet shiny appearance and good health.