What to wear with a long colored skirt

Long colored skirt garment, which is impossible to miss even from afar. Because the shoes in the image with a Maxi skirt plays a secondary role, all attention in the preparation of the ensemble must be given to "top". Perfect combination with coloured skirt "on the floor" tops, blouses and shirts white and cream colors. This combination of maximum balances the image, making it less flashy. It is worth remembering that the ensemble, in which the "top" and "bottom" colorful looks tacky.

If the above option you prefer, then a long multi-colored skirt, you can pick up a shirt this color to a shade match with one of the shades on the skirt. For example, a beige skirt with green and blue accents can be worn with top of any of the listed color, as long as the material blends seamlessly with the material of the skirt.

Will result in less successful if the "top" to use a jacket for a couple of shades lighter of the same shade of skirt. For example, good combinations are red and pink, emerald and mint, dark purple and lilac.

What to wear with a colored short skirt

If in your wardrobe there was a short colored skirt, in this case it is necessary to care not only about the proper "top" to it, but about shoes. As for the right "top", then the same rules described above, that is the best "companions" short colorful skirt are white and cream blouses and shirts and outfits, combined with the main shade of the skirt.

In choosing shoes should adhere to the following rules:

- avoid bright decorations and glitter;

- choose solely monochromatic shoes;

- color of shoes should match the color of the "top" in the image.