Maxi skirts suit tall girls, or average height. The girl, whose below-average growth, it is better to choose a skirt to the knees or on a palm above. Women with "triangle", that is, narrow shoulders and wide hips, these skirts will help to create a balance figure.

If we talk about what clothing goes well with a Maxi skirt, that is some classic rules of the selection set. For example, for color skirts with patterns is to choose neutral clothing and Vice versa. The same can be said about the splendor of the skirt: lush suitable top that will fit. If to speak about concrete examples, it is most likely a Maxi skirt worn with a leather jacket or cardigan. For outlets a day it is preferable to choose wedges or flats, and in the evening, well-suited high-heeled shoes.

Of course, these rules are not mandatory. Some of them are easily broken, thus look flawless. It needs to be clearly confident that things will look harmonious and natural. If this is not certain, it is better not to risk and to turn to professionals for advice. To do this, here are a few interesting variations.

One of the simplest options is a classic shirt or feminine blouse complete with belt, and shirt you can tuck in and let out. You can also choose from jeans jacket or leather jacket. If we speak about shoes, then the unusual look of the shoes low shoes or ankle boots.

Examples of images:

1. Delicate and airy look of the ballerina includes a pleated skirt, a plain top or a fitted shirt and ballet flats.

2. Option which involves light, feminine shirt and closed shoes.

3. The image includes a wild mix of masculinity and femininity: in this case chosen is a voluminous sweatshirt, mens shirt in a large cage and chucks or boots. For tonight you can try to replace evening Maxi dress-skirt and top.

These ideas will help you to properly wear a Maxi skirt and will be a launching pad for your own extraordinary images.