You can make use of simple tea bags to remove bags under eyes quickly at home. Wrap in tea bags with ice and put them on problematic skin. Hold for a few minutes. After a while you will notice that swelling much sleep.

Quickly remove bags under eyes at home cucumber helps. It contains enzymes, binding properties which reduce the swelling of the face. Slice the cucumber thinly, then put slices in the fridge for 10-20 minutes. Offer one slice on each eye and hold them for as long as the cucumber gets warm. However, this tool is well rejuvenates the skin and reduces Shine.

Effective remedy for bags under the eyes – milk. Take a cotton ball and soak it in cold milk, then wipe your eyes.

A simple and accessible tool that helps you quickly remove bags under the eyes at home is potatoes. It contains starch, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Average size potato grate and wrap in a clean cloth. Put the cloth with the potatoes on your eyes for a few minutes. Some people claim that this tool also helps headaches.

Finally, to get rid of bags under the eyes will help you hot water with salt. Dilute in a glass of warm water half a teaspoon of salt and stir. Soak in this solution cotton balls and place them on eyes. Once the beads are dry, rinse eyes with warm water. The skin around them will quickly become clean and supple.

Good fights skin problems aloe Vera. This plant contains antioxidants and also vitamin E. because of this it effectively reduces the swelling of the skin, improves blood circulation and rids the skin of excess fluid. Wipe the skin around eyes fresh juice of aloe several times a day.