The healing power of parsley juice

The parsley juice has unique properties, since the composition of greenery, rich in enzymes and vitamins that improve the regeneration of skin cells and restore optimal blood circulation. For this recipe you should buy a bunch of fresh parsley and crush a wooden pestle in a mortar. Liberated juice pour in 1 tablespoon of homemade sour cream and stir until smooth. Applied to the skin under the eyes where the swelling, and hold for 10 to 17 minutes. With this mask you will get an extra moisturizing effect.

Mask with blue clay

Blue clay is known in cosmetology for a long time and is famous for its ability to quickly remove swelling. Advance purchase at the pharmacy natural clay of good quality. Next 2-3 tsp dissolved in 70 ml of water and mix. Give the mask a little brew, and then apply to the skin under the eyes. Keep the clay on the face for a long time is not recommended, as it is likely to dry up the thin upper layer.

Homemade cream with vitamins

If you want to permanently secure a positive result, it is best to periodically use the ointment, which is easy to prepare at home. Take any fat cream, add a few drops of liquid vitamin A or E and stir. The cream is applied daily in a thick layer on the area around the eyes.

Additional prevention

Massage silver spoons – ideal for the prevention of bags under the eyes. It's enough to drive chilled spoons along the eye sockets 2-5 times in different directions. Devices for massage store in the refrigerator, so you can at any moment to begin the procedure.

The number of courses depends on individual tolerance to cold and the occurrence of edema. Also, don't forget to freeze to form ice teas of sage and chamomile. The resulting cubes in the morning wipe the skin under the eyes.