You will need
  • parsley, ice cubes, potatoes, sage.
In the morning after you just Wake up, you need to RUB the skin around the eyes with ice cubes. The cold will improve blood flow. Due to this increase the outflow of fluid, which in turn will help your skin stay in good shape.
To get rid of bags under the eyesand smoothing start to appear wrinkles, you need to carry out special exercises, because without exercise your muscles will weaken. With fingertips in a clockwise direction around the eye make vibrating movements. Hold the forefinger of his lower eyelids. Try in spite of this, to close them. Lift up the eyes. Make sudden transfers a view from one side to the other.
On problem areas for a few minutes, you can put the tea bags. In addition, you can purchase a special cream. Its membership should include the following ingredients: extracts of parsley, sage, horsetail, coffee, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin.
There is another effective method. Quickly get rid of bags under the eyes will help you compresses decoction of sage. Half a Cup of boiling water you will need 1 teaspoon of sage. Allow the mixture to infuse. Then strain it through a sieve. Then apply alternately cold, then hot compress. One compress should lie down for ten minutes.
Effective and the following mask. You must finely chop the parsley leaves and grate a little raw potato. The mixture was thoroughly stirred to be homogeneous. Wrap it in gauze bags. 15 minutes to put under eyes, then remove and apply a greasy cream.