Take the Holy water baptized people should be on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. If the illness is strongly tied patient, is not forbidden to take Holy water in unlimited quantities, without paying attention to the meal, and sprinkled her whole body or sore spot. You should know that even if the patient when the prescribed medications on an empty stomach, these should be taken only after drinking the Holy water.
After espitia Holy water it is necessary to pray for healing (read this prayer should only to patients). Healthy people then you should read a prayer for the acceptance of the communion bread and Holy water.
Take the Holy water should be small SIPS at one time. However you should know that it must be ispita in three SIPS.
Ordinary believers should take the Holy water daily in the morning with the use of a piece of communion bread, and, as already mentioned above, reading the prayers for the making of communion bread and Holy water. So to begin each new day Christian believer.
Holy water can be added to ordinary tap water, and then it is considered that all the water is clarified, it becomes Holy, becomes curative, beneficial properties. You can drink it and cook with her food.
Daily intake of the Holy water helps to cure not only skin diseases or diseases of the stomach, it also allows you to get rid of spiritual ailments. It is taken with cardiac arrhythmia, with increasing thyroid, migraines, tooth and ear pain and many other ailments. Keep Holy water can only be at room temperature or at the icon for it.