Silver and gold have very different effects on humans

Metalotherapy is a relatively new, but already well-proven field of medicine. Famous scientist of the University of Michigan Norman Duke found that when the metal contact with the human skin formed by an electric current. When in contact with silver, the current goes to the metal, i.e. the energy comes from human skin. With gold the situation is opposite: the current is from metal to the skin.

Regular wearing of gold jewelry helps to activate all processes in the human body, and silver, on the contrary, suppress them. It turns out that gold and silver have totally different bioenergetic impact, so while it is better not to wear.

A recent study conducted in New Zealand by Dr bill Henderson, showed that the gold is able to exert an antiseptic effect on microorganisms, so it is recommended to wear on vacation in exotic countries, in infectious and skin diseases. Also gold, along with platinum for years used in the treatment of cancer.

The beneficial properties of silver known since ancient times. In the middle Ages from silver cups made for wine. It was believed that this precious metal is able to neutralize many poisons. By the way, the silver ions are able to decontaminate more than 600 types of bacteria. It is known that to wash and to drink the silver water is very good for health.

It turns out that gold and silver are very strong metals with energy, is able to exert a powerful influence on the human body. At the same time wearing gold and silver ornaments, the body is energy imbalance. It turns out that one of the metal sends pulses and the second of them at the same time takes into itself.

Aesthetic point of view

Gold and silver are metals that are totally opposite in style. It is like wearing cotton dresses with sneakers. Very rarely it turns out that these two metals look good in tandem.

Some people naively believe that silver is very similar to white gold, however, is misleading.

When you can still

You are married and wear a wedding gold ring without removing. It turns out that you already can't wear any silver jewelry. But it is not. Wedding rings have a completely different energy. They are a kind of talisman and symbol of marriage that have a truly magical properties. Engagement ring can not be attributed to the usual gold jewelry, so nothing can hinder you to put on a nice silver necklace, not removing the jewelry, which symbolizes marriage.

Alloy of silver and gold or jewelry, where silver decoration there are insertions of gold, creates a distinct energy field that creates a strong contradiction of these two powerful metals.