It would seem that can be simpler: you come into the desired contact in the phone book, select a melody and put it! But this option does not always work, sometimes the phone book for contacts is simply no function change ringtones. In this case, set the ringtone to a contact in Lenovo smartphones?
So, the tune will not be able to establish contact, if it is saved on the SIM card of your smartphone. Also if they are synchronized contacts, for example, you copied them to the memory of the Lenovo smartphone from Google contacts, then when you assign ringtones the phone is confused, giving in the end a standard ringtone.
The problem is easily solved: move the contacts located on the SIM card to the phone memory. On the desired contact press the menu button (located at the bottom of the smartphone) and select "Import/Export". If you have both contacts are on the SIM card and in phone memory, it is likely that the melody still will not work.
If you want to install to your phone custom ringtone, create a memory card folder media/audio/ringtones, then drop the desired music files. Just keep in mind that if the tags of mp3 file contains Cyrillic, the mapping will be incorrect - instead of the name of the song you'll see a strange set of characters. The same applies to installing tunes on different events, an alarm clock and a sound interface. Just create them in the root directory of phone memory card Lenovo your folders. For events media/audio/notifications for sounds interface - media/audio/ui for the alarms: media/audio/alarms.