Try to get a job. Currently there are a large number of vacancies. First, you need to understand what skills you have. If you have a higher education, you should look for a job in their field. Please note that your future work must like you, otherwise it will be very difficult to work and move up the career ladder. If you don't have higher education, the job search will be a little harder. Also pay attention to companies that offer jobs with free training. This is a very lucrative option. Be sure to stand on the account on labour exchange. Then you will receive unemployment benefits.
Many people prefer occasional earnings. Such kind of earnings is good that does not need any specific skills. Also, there are almost no age restrictions. You can easily find open positions at special sites. This type of earnings will help to leave a difficult situation or to earn extra money for a gift to a friend. There is nothing complicated about performing courier duties. You can also get a promoter or merchandiser.
You can try your hand at stock trading. For many people trading stocks has become the main source of income. However, this is not a very easy task. First, you will need some start-up capital, the amount of which may vary within wide limits. Secondly, we need some knowledge for trading on the exchange. Thirdly, you should have experience of real trading. The third point is the most significant and basic. To try to learn can be absolutely anyone, but success comes to only a few. Such earnings can not be called stable, because you can't accurately predict how much profit you will receive for a certain period of time. Also great risks of losing the money invested.
If you have some capital, you can earn money using it. There are plenty of ways to earn money but they are all associated with a particular risk. For example, you can put money in the Bank at interest. But the amount of contribution to be very significant, to be able to live on the interest from the Deposit. Lately a very popular way to make money investing in real estate abroad, which is growing steadily in value. You can open your small business. However, it is worth considering the magnitude of the risk.
Many people dream about earning in the Internet. On the Internet you can earn, but you need to put a lot of effort. All banners with promises of exorbitant per click is the usual hype. This is not even worth to focus. You can develop sites and their design, if you have such skills. You can create your own website which needs to have unique content. Then you will be able to attract a certain audience, which will bring you stable income. However, it is worth considering that your own website must be constantly maintained or else you will lose all your visitors and income.