Marble can be any color and shade - modern manufacture allows to obtain a wide range of colors. Marble aggregate, you can decorate flower beds, paths, towering hills. The material is environmentally friendly and durable, it can be used to implement any of the ideas conceived in the landscape.

If the site wants to create an artificial reservoir, but there is no water supply, come to the aid of marble, which can be used to dry Creek. Any natural or artificial deepening, to fill it with fine gravel or pebbles, and sprinkle crumbs. A little imagination – and the stream is ready. To achieve maximum visual effect, it is desirable to use granules, similar to the colors of the water. The less texture marble mine, the more brilliant and sparkling in the sun would stream.

Granules of marble can be used to design flower beds. In this case, its form will be underscored by the elegance of marble (pure or with addition of wood mulch). Additional marble chips will help to protect the space around the flower beds from weeds. Large granules of marble can be put inside beds that will help to preserve moisture and oxygen into the ground.

In those cases, when to apply the approach to artificial reservoirs, again you can use marble chips, creating a smooth transition from shared path. Shades you can use but you should always remember that combination of colors should be harmonious.

Unique will be the alleys, trails and sidewalks, if they are properly decorate a marble crumb. Visual beauty is combined with practicality as the marble will prevent the appearance of weeds and other unplanned herbal crops.

The advantage of using this remarkable material is that it is relatively cheap and requires no special equipment, but the design of the landscape is an unusual and unique.