You will need
  • - two quarts of milk;
  • - two tablespoons of sour cream.
Pour sour milk into a glass jar, add two tablespoons of thick cream and stir. Cover with jar lid or a piece of gauze and put in a warm place for about 12 hours (during this time, the sour milk to turn into yogurt).
It is worth noting that the sour cream in the dairy product does not necessarily add, but this greatly accelerates the transformation of milk into yogurt.
As soon as the milk product in the form of curdled milk is obtained, you can proceed directly to its heat treatment. To do this, carefully pour the curdled milk into the bowl of the multicooker, close the lid of the device, then select the "heating" mode for approximately 60 minutes.
If the same way to heat sour milk, the milk will simply curdle.
After some time open the lid multivarki and check the condition of the product: if the serum separated is not enough, then continue heating another 30 minutes, then allow to stand at least one hour.
Take a large enough piece of cheesecloth, fold it over to make at least four layers, lay the cheesecloth in a colander and pour the contents of the bowl multivarki on the gauze. Carefully take the cheesecloth by the edges and hang the bag to drain excess liquid (whey). Healthy and delicious curd in multivarka ready.