To make a telescope at home we need 2 lenses. The first lens, the second eyepiece. Still need 2 tubes that can be glued to heavy paper or select the appropriate size.

  1. Select the lens for the lens. The longer the focal length of the lens, respectively, is less than its optical zoom, which is used for the lens, the greater will be the magnification of the telescope. However, you will need a longer pipe. For example, if you take the lens +1 diopter — the main pipe should be long a little less than a meter. If you take the lens +0.5 diopter — the pipe should be long a little less than 2 meters. The magnification of the telescope in the second case will be 2 times more. Best for the lens to fit the lens for the manufacture of glasses that can be purchased at any optics. They are of high quality and precision.

  2. Choose a lens for the eyepiece. The shorter the focal length eyepiece, the greater the total magnification of the telescope. However, it should be remembered that a very large magnification of the eyepiece can cause defects in the resulting images. Best would be to use a magnifying glass with a focal length of 2-4 cm as an eyepiece, for example, it is possible to use the magnifying glass used by watchmakers, besides, it will be easier to fix in the tube of the eyepiece.

  3. Assembling the telescope. After purchased required lenses can make a telescope. The lenses need to paste in two tubes, which are tightly inserted into each other, but the tube must be able to move easily in order to be able to focus on the object of observation. Inside the tube should be painted black.

  4. Tripod for a telescope. Since optical zoom is not even a simple telescope will be large, care should be taken to support the telescope, otherwise the image will be very jerky. Best fit for this tripod from the camera, but you can think about other options for mounting.

Thus, it is possible to assemble the telescope in one night. Its optical magnification you can assess if you divide the focal length of the lens and the focal length of the eyepiece lens. For example, if the lens has a focal length of 1 meter, and the eyepiece is 4 cm (0.04 m), the telescope will give a magnification of about 25 times. Such a telescope also called a refractor-type telescope and the image that he will give will be "flipped", however, the self-made telescope may be able to meet the needs of the novice Amateur astronomer.