How to break with the past completely

Immediately tell yourself that it's over, move on, not clinging to the past. Just to remember a loved one does not work, but we must do everything to build your future without this person.

First try to change my phone number and delete their accounts from social networks. So a former lover will not be able to contact you with any purpose and to prevent to forget yourself. Ask friends and relatives not to mention the name of this person and have only neutral topics of conversation. Delete files on your computer and throw away all the photos together. If possible, try to remove from the eyes of all his gifts.

If you are not afraid of experiments, try to completely change the image or at least only closet. Shopping, hairdressing, image-studios, and new things will help for a while to escape from the past and forget the old. Your brand new image in the mirror will convince you that the old life is gone.

Physical activity and proper rest will help numb the pain of parting

Try to distract myself. Load themselves with work so not had time to think about something else. In addition, you can try to help this family. Offer to help repair or in other cases. Tiring physical work will help for some time to forget a once loved one, and time will finish the job. If your relatives can help you, begin to repair in your own home or enjoy gardening, Hiking, travelling.

Once you remake all conceivable cases, try to thoroughly relax physically and mentally. Think of interesting entertainment, travel or immerse yourself in a hobby. As a new Hobbies you can choose drawing, writing, sports, yoga and any needlework. At this time, it is desirable to exclude from his life everything that brings sadness and longing. Don't look sad or dark movies with an unhappy ending, don't listen to sad music.

Be the center of events, to not think about unhappy love

Do not try to spend time alone. So not only do you not forget a former lover, but even going to remember him more often. Try to communicate more with friends and family, go with them to exhibitions, museums, movies or concerts. Don't avoid new acquaintances. A new relationship will only benefit your emotional state and help to drown out the memories of unrequited love.

When all these steps have been completed, and the time will slowly smooth out and wipe the bitter memories, try to extract from the former relationship class. Soberly and dispassionately analyze the situation and try to understand what went wrong in past relationships and ex -. At this stage it is advisable to remember all the bad and try to convince yourself that the breakup worked out in your favor. After that, try to mentally let go of the former native person and focus on the future.