The fastest crops for cultivation in winter are the salads. For distillation of nutritious greens suitable seeds precocious leaf salads (e.g., lettuce Moscow greenhouse), watercress salad, seeds salad rocket. They are not very demanding to light, and give excellent young greens in a few weeks. If you wish, you can buy a package of nutritional soil for plants, and it is possible to grow crops even on a normal wool.

On the bottom of a selected container is placed a layer of cotton, which is moistened with water at room temperature and sown the seeds randomly. Can container put in a plastic bag, cover or tie a package is not necessary. If you sow lettuce in the soil, the growing capacity you need to drill holes for drainage, or put on the bottom drainage. The sowing of seeds in the soil do a depth of about 1 cm, rows. Capacity before the emergence of shoots kept in the dark. Seeds of cress germinate in a few days, lettuce rises during the week.

As soon as sprouts, so immediately put them into the light. It is not necessary to apply fertilizer. The most important care is watering, which should be abundant. It is impossible to dry the shoots and should not be allowed swamp in the container. With insufficient watering salad is thirsty and will grow rude, tasteless, the leaves will be small, it may even be the flower arrow. If excessive watering - young plants just die.

Lettuce grows quickly. And after 3-4 weeks it can be cut and eaten on health. Obtained vitamin, appetizing, wholesome young greens will be appropriate on sandwiches with any cheese, meat, eggs, fine enliven any soup. To grow salads all winter long.