You will need
  • seeds of lettuce;
  • - grunt.
Before you can grow lettuce, you must purchase the appropriate seeds. There are many varieties of this plant, so pick a specific variety only depending on personal taste preferences. This annual crop, so plant it will have each year.
Correctly choose the place for planting. It should not be in the shade, as the plant loves light. But the direct sunlight, particularly midday, it is not desirable, else the salad leaves will just burn.
The landing salad depends on climate zones and varieties of lettuce. In the middle lane it can be sown in may, when the risk of frost is minimal. Prepare the ground, pre-skopal it and ratrakov, avoiding big lumps.
Make a well in the soil, a small furrow to a depth of 1-1.5 see If to plant seeds too deep, they will rise for a long time.
Sprinkle the ground seeds, not trying to put them one by one. If they are too thick the seedlings, then later they can be thin. Pour the ground seeds and pour. Watering should be regular, as the drying of the soil. Since the germination until the harvest lasts about a month, then the salad quickly enough grows and becomes bitterness. So if you want the whole summer to enjoy fresh salad greens, a couple of weeks to sow another patch that will allow you to grow lettuce in a month.