You will need
  • - boxes;
  • seeds of lettuce;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - humus;
  • loam;
  • - sand.
To grow salad at home, it is recommended to use boxes of square shape. Since this plant has a small root system and are rich in leaf mass, the salad required an increased amount of moisture in too narrow boxes of soil dries quickly. Optimal capacity size is 60x60 inches, while the height of the box about 10-12 inches.
The most suitable soil composition for planting salad should consist of two parts humus, two parts humus and one part sand. You can purchase soil mixture in the flower shop. Tamp the prepared soil in the box and pour warm water with a small amount of potassium permanganate (to get a pale pink solution). Make a well in the land of the groove depth of one centimeter, the distance between them should be approximately twelve inches, and sow the seeds (not a lot). After sowing the soil again pour warm water (approximately thirty degrees).
Put the box in a dark place until germination, do not forget daily to spray the soil with a spray bottle with warm water. When the sprouts hatch, put a box on permanent light place – on a windowsill.
Care for salad is not difficult, no need to do any fertilizing. It's important to often be watered about every day or two (but in the absence of direct exposure to sunlight during watering, otherwise the leaves will get burn). Water the greens by sprinkling from a watering can, rinse the leaves, that they were beautiful and fresh.
Since lettuce grows quickly, and the first harvest can already be removed three weeks after sowing. Ten days after the first sowing, you can sow the seeds in the second box, and so on throughout the entire cold season. Using the conveyor method, you will be all year round to have on your table fresh greens filled with vitamins and minerals, without chemicals and additives.