Select the capacity in which you will sow the salad. Prefer individual pots of small diameter, to a subsequent swordplay as not to injure the root system of lettuce. If you have opted for an oblong container, when sowing calculate the distance between the seedlings at least 10 centimeters.
Prepare the soil for planting. For the salad well suited easy nutrient substrate. Never plant new seeds in soil that used to grow courgettes or the same salad leaves. Prepare a mixture of black soil and organic fertilizers, then soon salad will surely delight you with lush greenery.
From the variety presented on the market of seeds, select the most suitable varieties. Do not select cold-resistant kinds of lettuce, otherwise, instead of a fluffy buds you have elongated weak stems and pale leaves. The most precocious vegetable crop is watercress to grow it can be almost without the sun.
Sow seeds of lettuce or in individual pot or in a multi-container. In the latter case, sow the seeds in longitudinal rows, spaced from each other at a minimum distance of 3-5 inches. Spread the seeds on the soil surface and carefully sprinkle a thin layer of the substrate.
Prepare the most suitable germination conditions. Room temperature keep at level of +20 degrees Celsius. Note that with increasing temperature the salad sky high and does not give the lush greenery. Provide good lighting for all sorts of saladexcept watercresssalad, which tolerates and North sides with a small amount of sunlight. The drying of the topsoil watering your seedlings with warm water.
Feed your seedlings with nitrogen fertilizers, or ammonium nitrate, when they will have two first leaves. Dissolve the minerals in warm water and pour over plants.
Collect your long-awaited harvest after 20-25 days after sowing. Watercress is a fast-ripening crop, and its leaves can collect on day 12 after the onset of germination.