And yet, most often this trouble is chasing cyclists. What "eight" is one of them. Translated into technical terms it means the curvature of the rim when one or more parts out of the same plane. The result of "eight" becomes the friction of the rim on the brake pads, which leads to their premature wear.
The reason for "eight" is the weakening of the tension of multiple spokes. To eliminate the problem you can at home, pulling the spokes. "The pit" - a more serious deformation of the wheel when the wheel rim to bend to its centre. With a significant deformation of the wheel must be replaced. In other cases, the disassembly and repair of wheels will have to do on a special stand, if this is a fairly expensive model.
Deformation in the form of an oval occurs when uneven tension of spokes in different ways. This issue can also be addressed independently, pulling the spokes from the side, where there was a bulge. In case of serious deformation of the rim, remove the wheel from the bike, loosen all the spokes and resting on the rim at any two opposite points, arms straighten it. After that, put the wheel on the bike and carefully align it. To correct the deformed portion of the rim you can use a special hook made of metal strip with a soft grip.
Dents on the edges of the rim you can fix with a hammer and a wooden lining. Don't forget before you start to work with a hammer, it's good to pump the tires.
Deformation of motor drives can be eliminated only in the conditions of service. The degree of deformation is determined by special equipment. After the diagnosis and establish the type of deformation of the disk is put on the stand. The main principle is to determine the direction and force of impact, leading to deformation of the disk and then apply the opposite force to overcome it.