Not every woman planning a pregnancy, and therefore, not every consciously ready for motherhood. This gives rise to feelings, will she be a good mother how she'll cope with their responsibilities. Pregnancy is a big change in life, and not everyone is ready for them.

In the first trimester of pregnancy there is a condition like toxemia of pregnancy, nausea, sometimes vomiting, well what here can be in a good mood. And then my husband and close relatives have to endure all the vagaries, steadfastly to fulfill many different needs. At this point it is essential to maintain a pregnant woman, to be with her caring and attentive, to understand that this is temporary and will pass once the baby's born.

In the second trimester toxicosis recedes, the woman begins to get used to the fact that she will become a mother soon, and improves the mood. Closer to leave, again can be mood swings, here they arise from experiences for your child, fear of childbirth.

Also, there is physical discomfort in the last month it is hard to perform usual work, also the uterus increases pressure on all the organs, gait changes, starts to hurt the lower back, swollen feet, plus the baby kicking, sometimes causing pain.

All of this, of course, can cause deterioration of mood. At this point, the mother need not dwell on all of this, and it is better to extract the positive moments in her pregnancy.