Advice 1: Why are pregnant women often cry

During pregnancy occurs in the body, not only physical but also psychological changes. A woman can be very alarming changes in emotional state and well-being, especially if we are talking about the first pregnancy. Understanding of the processes that occur during this period in the body, as well as their causes, will give the opportunity to cope with anxiety symptoms.
Why are pregnant women often cry


The news of impending motherhood causes a number of contradictory feelings: first, can cover a enthusiasm, then doubt and anxiety. A pregnant woman can overcome fears about how to cope with mother, it is now to change her habitual way of life, it is ready for the changes her partner, in the end, how will labor.

In addition to such thoughts, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, tiredness, drowsiness. Changing sensations, tastes and preferences. Physical ailments, low self-esteem, depressed mood, irritability, even rage – is not a complete list of sensations that can overcome a woman. It is not surprising that in this state, even the slightest reason can cause tears.


Pregnant women tend to be sentimental, anxiety, suggestibility and resentment. But the reason for these feelings not only fears for the future, but also in hormones. Namely, HCG, estrogen and progesterone, relaxin, oxytocin, prostaglandin, cortisone, prolactin, and placental lactogen as the catalysts necessary physical processes can have a profound impact on the emotional background.

But the biggest impact on the mental state of the pregnant women have a adrenaline, norepinephrine, and endorphins. These hormones are responsible for increased heart rate. Endorphins, moreover, are natural painkillers, their level gradually increases and reaches its maximum at the time of birth.


Hormones frequent, but not the only cause of sudden tears in the eyes of the pregnant woman. Doctors say that about 10-12% of expectant mothers suffer from very real depression and the same percentage catches up with postpartum depression. The symptoms are the same – fatigue, anxious thoughts, sadness, tears. But hormonal races, at least from time to time, to appear the hormones of joy, and it means that periodically, the mood will improve, and the tears will follow laugh. And in that case, if this depression continues for more than 2 weeks, to be replaced by a positive emotion, perhaps it makes sense to consult a specialist. Such problem can be solved together with the therapist, possibly with the help of antidepressants, which can be used only with the approval of the gynecologist.

It is impossible to predict how it emotionally will pass the pregnancy. Much depends on the individual. For example, if during PMS, women have encountered apathy, self-pity and the desire to cry, then with high probability we can say that this will be repeated during pregnancy.

The important thing to remember, tantrums and violent outbursts cause excessive release of adrenaline and spasms of blood vessels in the uterus, which negatively affects the baby. Mother's feelings and emotions can affect the developing nervous system of the child and even leave the imprint of a pain in the brain cells. Therefore, despite the hormonal changes, it makes sense to take emotions under control and try to cope with the negative, for the health of your baby.

Advice 2: Why pregnant women get neurotic

9 months of pregnancy are the most happy and at the same time tense and exciting for women. Avoid nervous breakdowns in that time becomes hard. The ability to cope with emotions and to listen to your body will require some time and understanding from loved ones.
Why pregnant women get neurotic
In the first trimester of pregnancy in a woman's body changes significantly. People will not be able to see them from the side, but the woman feels internally. Hormonal changes, the attitude towards themselves and others, well-being and overall attitude. Repeatedly observed that the strongest change in character and behavior women feel the most loved ones - husband or relatives. It is believed that the woman thus instinctively tries to prepare her husband and family to the birth of the baby. Prepare to pay, nights without sleep and some difficulties.
The most nervous during pregnancy are considered the first and third trimesters. In the first the woman still does not understand what is happening with her body, which, in turn, govern the hormones and instincts. A woman in that time cannot reflect on the changes of the body, and can only take them for granted, hence there is extra anxiety and irritability. Some changes are not entirely clear. Changing taste preferences, favorite smells can be nasty, starts to manifest itself toxicosis. All these changes put at times to a standstill and make me nervous and worry. Many women themselves can't understand where it came from nervousness and irritation. Why a loving and caring woman in a jiffy ready to crush everything in its path.
The reason nervousness can be the insecurity. When the pregnancy is complicated or there are circumstances that frighten mother, it is difficult to remain calm. A woman can ask many questions about the future life, the relation of the father to the child, financial problems.
Nervous woman maybe physically unpleasant sensations. They intensify with the approach of childbirth. The uterus is stretched and begins to push on nearby organs, increases the load on the legs and spine. It becomes hard to move and perform simple actions. A woman can feel helpless. Approaching childbirth is forced to worry about the birth process, the welfare of the baby and life after birth.
The doctors came to the conclusion that the increased nervousness of the expectant mother leads to the strongest surges of the hormone level in the body of both the woman and her baby. So you should learn to listen to yourself, your baby and loved ones and not to expose the unborn child to unnecessary shocks.

Advice 3: How to understand pregnant wife

Feelings of a woman who learns that she is expecting a child, unforgettable. Now, it would seem, remains peacefully and happily expect a baby. But time passes, and bringing joy and sorrow. And to bring tears to the mother-every little thing. At the same time suffering not only she, but close. How to understand a pregnant wife?
How to understand pregnant wife
Sometimes you begin to feel that your pregnant wife seemed to have changed. She then angry, then crying for any reason. Digging in yourself, in your behavior, arranges the argument in a vacuum. In General, you will always find a cause for resentment in the environment or behavior of other people. Believe me, this situation has arisen for many couples who are expecting a baby. Try to understand that an expectant mother and she is not happy to their whims. Just during pregnancy hormonal changes women. This causes increased susceptibility to external factors. Means that directs the behavior of the spouse does not spoil the nature. Remember, all expressed in the hearts, with tears and bitterness, not dictated by her mind and hormones. After some time, the wife will calm down and be ashamed of itself offensive. Step on a man's dignity for the sake of peace family, embrace the future mommy and tell me that you still love her.
A pregnant woman requires special attention and care. Without that (in her opinion), she is offended. And resentment degenerated into a quarrel. Interested in the health of his wife, more help around the house. Ask your spouse about the pregnancy, more often ironed tummy, talk to the baby. This will help to awaken fatherly feelings and attachment to the child. It will be easier to understand the mother.
To write off all the hormones would be wrong. Sometimes a woman is just not enough maternal care. Resenting and scandals, not wanting to grow up, this way she is trying to attract the attention of a spouse, to find that care from him. Talk to your wife. Experiences of a pregnant woman cause discomfort not only her family, but to the child. Go together on reception to the psychologist to help his wife to understand themselves, to make the waiting time of a baby joyful and happy.

Advice 4: How to deal with pregnant wife

Nine months of pregnancy is a special time not only for her but for her loved ones. Time it is happy, joyful, all preparing for the advent of the child into the light. But it happens in this period and trouble, stress and health problems pregnant. The husband needs to support and nurture his wife, to be gentle and affectionate.
How to deal with pregnant wife
Your wife is now responsible for two lives, you have to be for her reliable support and helper in any business. Take part of the duties of the woman in the house. Let your wife carry heavy objects, because it is a threatened miscarriage. Procuring the products themselves on the list, which will give you a spouse.
The later stages of pregnancy are particularly dangerous. You will have to wash the floors and do hanging wet clothes. Consult your doctor who watches your wife, ask her what she is allowed and recommended, and that is strictly forbidden. Watch pregnant follows the instructions of doctors, because the woman in connection with mood instability in these months may be cranky and refuse to monitor their health.
Girl "in" particularly sensitive to anything lovely and romantic. Give her flowers every day, buy cute trinkets. Arrange joint parties with healthy food, walks in the fresh air and watching a new movie on the comfortable sofa.
Some women during this period, unhappy with the excessive care, while others complain about the lack of attention. In this issue focus on his wife, a single recommendation cannot be given. The mood of pregnant women may change several times per minute.
Pay attention and unborn child. Often put a hand on the bulging tummy of his wife and say something affectionate baby. Doctors have long proved that the baby hears and feels the touch of the father. My wife will be incredibly pleased with your attention and care about her and your child.
Please wife with compliments, because pregnant women do not feel very confident and are afraid of rivals. Don't stay at work and do not give any cause for jealousy. Hormonal changes in a woman's body can lead to severe depression and stress, if she suspects infidelity and betrayal of you.
Sex with pregnant wife will only benefit if there are no specific instructions from the attending physician. A woman will feel much more confident if you keep the rhythm of sexual life and not get tired whisper of his beloved, how she is beautiful and desirable.
Do not fall for provocations and hysterical wife, don't get angry. It is better to calmly and kindly dispel all her fears and concerns. Be logical and reasonable, say with his wife confidently and don't raise your tone.
Whether crying or laughing hysterically favorite, in any case, hug her gently and tell her you love her. If the wife wakes you up and asks you to bring cake with smoked fish or pineapple with cucumber, you go to the store and buy just in case strawberries, and the grilled chicken.

Advice 5: Why is it that you cannot get a haircut for pregnant

There are a few signs and superstitions associated with pregnancy, and one of them is a ban on haircuts. Explanations for this may be few, but none of them can be called supernatural. By and large the baby is not in danger.
Why is it that you cannot get a haircut for pregnant

One of the reasons that it is impossible to cut hair women, awaiting the birth of a child, is the claim that in this case, disappear the force required for a favorable birth. The hair hid the focus of the life force, and losing some of the hair, the woman is weaker. Sometimes it is suggested that it is possible to shorten the life of the child – he is born lifeless. All these fears are without medical Foundation and, therefore, they can be considered highly questionable.

But in ancient times it is believed girls grew their hair, braiding them into a thick braid. After marriage the scythe is divided into two parts, which meant – of his life force a woman sends her children. Therefore, in Russia the hair is not clipped, because it meant changing their destiny, often not for the better. Married women wrapped their hair around the head and hid them from curious eyes under the headdresses and scarves. During sleep long and thick braid could hide a small child, protecting him from the cold. It was believed that women's health depends on the length and condition of hair. In our days healthy, long and shiny hair indicate that the woman is all right with health.

The opinion of the barbers on this score is understandable – to change her hairstyle during pregnancy has no meaning. Hair will not fit into a new hairstyle, but if you decide to tint them again, the color can come in unexpected. All this is due to the hormonal changes, which disrupts the structure of the hair – they can not only adequately respond to the staining, but and start to curl if I was straight, and Vice versa. In the period of gestation only makes sense to cut the ends of your hair, evening them.

Another explanation for the fact that women should have long hair, it is the opinion of the midwives. Immediately after birth, changes occur in the subcutaneous layer related to the production of melanin – the face may remain yellow-brown spots. To avoid this, some midwives still force pregnant women to RUB the face with her hair, and when they can't do this, then perform all movements independently.

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