There is an interesting hypothesis that individual combination of height of sounds in each name when pronouncing it stimulates different parts of the brain that affects the formation of personality of the carrier.

It has long been observed that the owners of names that sound tough and firmly, has the same hard and stubborn temper, characterized by determination and persistence. (Boris, Igor, Svetlana, Oleg, Hope, Alla).

On the other hand, soft-sounding names often belong to a docile and peaceful people. (Svetlana, Lily, Michael, Basil, Ilya).

Have names that combine and firm, and soft sounding. They are conditionally neutral, and give their owners a well-balanced judgment and perseverance. (Alexander, Evgeny, Olga, Love, Paul).

Choosing a name for the baby, you need to check that it is easily pronounced in combination with the middle name. It is not easy at once to pronounce a name ending in two consonants, in combination with the middle name that begins with a consonant: Eduard, Alexander Grigoryevich. Such names are often distorted, and a person each time in anxiety waiting for this time to pronounce his name.

In addition, we should not forget about the school years of your child – catchy, unusual hearing the name can be a cause of ridicule of their peers for years to come.

No need to give the baby the name of a deceased relative, especially who was tragically killed. Another interesting study of social scientists found that among the bureaucrats the greatest number of people with the name father: Alexander Alexander, Sergeyevich Sergeyev, etc.

From early childhood the child is already aware of the importance of his name, and if he doesn't like it, it's hardly beneficial for his future.

There is a simple test: take a moment when your little one busy with something or are passionate about, and quietly call his name. If the child will immediately respond, so the name for it you chose correctly.

To predict whether a baby name is difficult. Main adviser may serve your intuition. A great way is fashionable now for to give the baby a double name: becoming old enough, the child himself will choose what he likes.