Disorders in the nervous system

The main reason for the loss of coordination in dogs are diseases of the nervous system, affecting the brain and spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. In addition to the disorder, these diseases are characterized by epileptic seizures, loss of sensation, paralysis, rapidly progressive weakness and changes in muscle tone.

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One of the most dangerous diseases considered to be rabies, caused by a virus transmitted most often through the saliva of diseased animal — a raccoon, a Fox, a bat or another dog. The first symptom of rabies is a change in behavior, fever, diarrhea and vomiting, light and rabies. At the first stage of disease there is a loss of coordination.

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The same symptom you can observe in case of tick paralysis, when the animal is poisoned by the toxins secreted by female wood ticks during a bite. Change begins with violations of coordination of movements, that give rise to weakness and paralysis, loss of ability to breathe and death of the animal. Paralysis can end and distemper, a viral infection that affects the nervous system and also causes a loss of coordination.

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This symptom may be due to one of the many types of encephalitis and tetanus. Like others, these diseases of the nervous system can be fatal for your pet. Therefore, at the first signs, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

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Other causes of impaired coordination

The cause of such disorders can be acute shock, which the dog may also lose the ability to move — sitting on hind legs, she can't get up. In some cases, shock may be accompanied by fainting or syncope. After a while the dog regains consciousness and no consequences feels, but sometimes it may need medical help.

Often the dog loses coordination in the case when the nervous system and its tissues affected by tumors, which often happens in older animals. The nervous system can affect and not the tumor developed and metastases. How the animal will behave, depends largely on where the tumor is located, but loss of coordination clearly indicates that the nervous system is affected. Sometimes loss of coordination due to damage in the area of the cerebellum or minor stroke. In any case, it is always a cause for alarm.