At what age begin to learn

No matter how many years you may be, it is never too late to learn something new. If you decided in that whatever was to master the art of drawing, age is not an obstacle. Many famous artists began to draw as adults.

What materials will you need

First of all, decide what you like better - the drawing or painting. If you want to create a black-and-white and expressive portraits, we purchase graphite pencils of different degrees of softness. If you prefer color pictures, it is better to buy gouache. It is better suited for the beginner than watercolor. If you are not afraid of difficulties, you can start with oil paints. You will also need brushes and paper. If you want to paint with oil, you can buy the canvas. Now there are many different art materials, so you can easily find what exactly you need.

Where to start learning

In order to achieve success in drawing you need to follow the principle of gradualism. Do not just try to draw Nudes. Best to start with small objects like Apple and a glass. To draw from nature. Just set a subject and try to portray it on paper. The first experiments may be unsuccessful, but we must continue to draw.

Buy or download a tutorial on drawing - it will help to learn different techniques. Better if it will be a real tutorial on how to build, perspective or anatomy. Books like "Draw 50 cats" is designed for copying images, they don't teach, postroeniya will not bring much benefit.

Try not to draw from photos because a flat image does not give you a feel for the volume of the object. Draw from nature every day. Get a small notebook and carry it with you to be able at any moment to sketch something interesting. The more you practice, the sooner you'll see progress.

Show your drawings to your friends and family. Lookers-on see most of the error. In the process of drawing you may not notice that distorted the proportions. Eyes are getting tired, a few hours you look at your painting while you work and it can seem a masterpiece. However, looking at it a month later, you may find that the job isn't as perfect as it seemed before.

In any case, the main thing is not to give up. It is really without a teacher to learn to create masterpieces, above all, keep drawing.