You can choose a hairstyle on your computer for free using the Virtual Makeover. Open this website in browser and then click "go to virtual salon". Previously you might undergo a quick registration, which will provide additional opportunities. However, registration is not required, and to choose the right makeup or hairstyle and without her.
Upload a personal photo to the site or select one of the models in the library website that matches your face type. Click "Upload photos", enter the path to the image on your computer and click "Open". It is desirable that the pics were high resolution and quality. The best option – a photo made to any document or similar to it.
Select the scale image option in the left window with the photo loaded, the label on the pupils. Drag the label using the mouse. If necessary, edit the colors in your photo using sliders that are under the window with preview. Click "Next".
Adjust the position of the eyes and lips in the photo. On this screen, the person in the photo will be presented on a larger scale. Adjust the position of the marks on the eyes and special arrows mark the corners of the mouth. Click "Next".
On the next screen you will be prompted to set the makeup. For this position the line of the stroke so that it matches the contour of the eye. After configuring, proceed to the next step where you will need to configure the contour of the lips by dragging anchor points.
Going to the next window, you will finally be able to complete the process and free pick a hairstyle for computer. Choose male or female style and choose a hairstyle from the list. You can choose models with short, medium or long hair. You can also choose the color of hair and strands. Just hover over the color Swatch and you will see his name. The selected hair style will be applied to your photo. Using the sliders located on the right side of the window, you can customize the pattern to fit the dimensions of the face.
Save the result. If you have registered, you can save your own styles for later editing. Otherwise, just upload a picture with big hair on computer by selecting "Download results".