You will need
  • -Adobe Photoshop;
  • -photo from the front;
  • -collection hairstyles or brush set.
To make a graphic editor kind of image Studio, you must ensure that on hand all the necessary materials. Scan or download on the computer your picture in front. It should be quite clear, in addition, it is desirable that your own hair was collected. Curls behind the neck can damage the picture when selecting short hairstyles and bangs will not try images in which a person openly as possible.
On your computer must be quite the collection of hairstyles. You can find ready-made collections, which hairstyles are on separate transparent layers, you can load the brush in different haircuts, and it is possible to make the templates by processing the vending photos. To further make it easier to pick up the image, make sure that the chosen hairstyle of the same size and the same proportions with your face in the uploaded photo.
Start Adobe Photoshop and open your photo. Insert a document your hairstyle or draw its corresponding brush. Using the tools of the program, move the hair in the right place. If necessary, adjust the size of the head size or hairstyle. So the image is not distorted, while scaling hold down the Shift key. When selecting a hairstyle would work best with layers that at any time you can hide or delete.
Selection of hair in Photoshop, unfortunately, can only indicate the direction in which it would be possible to change the image, but guarantees the perfect image, he does not. The fact that the structure of hair all people are different, and the color of hair, approached the editor, life may not meet expectations. Static flat picture can not convey all the pros and cons of the selected cuts, while a professional hairdresser will not only take into account face shape, features, hair, skin color and eyes, but also give useful recommendations on hair care.