11 Aug 2014 there are new rules for training in all driving schools of Russia, the reason is the emergence of new categories of rights.

So, in the Russian Federation establishes the following categories of rights, categories: And (motorcycles) by sub-category A1 (motorcycles with engine capacity less than 125 CC), (cars) by sub-category B1 (tricycles and quadricycles), C (vehicles with weight above 3500 kg(except vehicles of category D), trucks with trailers weighing less than 750 kg) with the subcategory of C1 (trucks weighing from 3500 to 7500 kg), D (vehicles with number of seats more than eight) with the sub-category D1 (vehicles with number of seats from 8 to 16), E now has the form of BE, CE, C1E, etc. (cars with trailers), category M (light quads and mopeds), Tm (trams) and category Tb (trolley).

Because of these innovations the training program for the b category (car) is significantly more complicated.

For example, the possibility of learning to drive the vehicle with the transmission-automatic. People who pass the exam will receive rights with a mark "at", meaning that they can operate the vehicle exclusively with an automatic transmission.

Programs of study built by modules base, consisting of 84 hours in primary education as a compulsory all (topics: road safety and first aid). People who already have the right to get the next category, it is necessary to examine the basic module. The initial training course, number of hours increased substantially, but to get a new category has decreased.

For example, until August 11, 2014 training the most popular category was assigned to exactly 156 hours (106 — theory, 50 — practice), at the present time 190 hours (130 - a theory, 56 — practice, 4 - exam). Now that you've opened the category "B" for "With" to spend so much time will not have, because the base module has been studied, therefore, minus 84 hours.

To obtain a driving license for a moped you will need to spend 122 hours (100 hours is a theory that 18 — practice 4 - exam).