To start teaching the kids can swim one month after well healed umbilical wound. You can trust the professionals – with some children's clinics have pools for toddlers ' swimming. Take children starting at two months. Teach the child to be one of the parents under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Before going to the pool baby and an adult needs to pass medical tests. Children are in the water in special diapers for swimming.
If you wish, you can engage with your child in your own home in a regular tub. The temperature of the water for swimming suggest gradually reduce to 33 34оС in the cool water, the child moves more readily. You can do it without beanie, supporting the baby's head with your hand.
A baby first learns to swim on his back. Mom with one hand supports his head, the second femur, and moves a little along the bath. Then one hand under the head. Gradually accustom your baby to the idea that he will go alone. To do this, change hands under the head during movement, increasing the intervals when the child is without support. Focus on the mood of your toddler and his success.
The second step is to learn how to swim on my stomach. First child support with one hand under the chin and breast, the other beneath the belly, letting him get used to the new sensations. Then when the baby get comfortable also advance it along the bath, insuring one hand under the chin.
The next challenge will be to teach the baby to dive. For this command: "Dive!" – and blow in his face. When the child involuntarily hold my breath, calm traffic dip for a second with his head. The reaction of the baby is likely to be puzzled – what happened? Your job is smile and voice to show that all is well. Eventually, your toddler will get used and will to hold the breath itself.
In the training you can help the so-called "cap mermaid", which is a cap, which is fixed to the wedges of foam. So head crumbs is supported afloat. Mom with long ribbons sewn to the cap, controls the movement of a small swimmer lying on her back. As soon as the baby starts to tread water, the cubes one by one removed. Buy a bonnet in baby stores.
Very important when practicing the attitude of the mother. You have to be calm and assured, the child is your condition. With obvious signs of displeasure do not force the event – so you only attach the resulting fear. Better through some time to try again. Let the main purpose of your classes will not teach a kid to swim under any circumstances, and in a good mood and joy in your toddler.