Healthy and tasty replacement for sweets

Excessive consumption of sugar is very harmful to your health – as evidenced by all the doctors. Therefore, its use in food should be seriously reduced. Fortunately, sugar is a great replacement that not only does not harm the body, but, on the contrary, great benefit. Of course, talking about honey.

In addition to the rich, sweet taste of honey has sugar lot of other benefits. It contains vitamins and minerals needed by the human body. Especially healthy and tasty honey in combination with nuts. This dainty heals the body and is an excellent replacement for sweets and chocolates.

Why is it so helpful honey with nuts?

The composition of honey contains B vitamins (B2 and B6), folic acid, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine and many other useful items. It is very nutritious and is ideal if you need to quickly restore power. Due to the antibacterial action, he will not be spoiled nuts for a long time, and the treat will delight the sweet tooth for a year or more. Plus, the honey strengthens the nervous system, reduces the impact of stress on the body and protects a person from infectious diseases.

Now about nuts. First of all, nuts are a source of unsaturated fatty acids, which are considered to be much more useful than animal fats. Almost all nuts have a positive effect on brain activity, lower cholesterol and improve the cardiovascular system.

How to cook and where to store the honey mixture with nuts

To honey with nuts brought maximum benefit, all the products you need to choose. First, and honey, and nuts are best to buy in a reliable and proven. Second, the nuts should be clean, without dark or white spots on the surface.

Thirdly, when choosing honey, you need to pay attention to the smell. In this honey, strong bright flavor, whereas sugar diluted with saturated smell it has.

Fourth, quality nuts to taste have a bitter taste without bitterness. Fifth, ask about the "age" of nuts. The fruits, which are more than three years, is no longer available.

Prepare a mixture of honey and nuts is quite easy. Nuts need to be put in a glass jar whole, without slicing into pieces. Then pour the honey on, tightly close the jar lid. Store the mixture should be refrigerated always tightly closed.

Use honey with nuts best, every day, at least one teaspoon. Can be with tea or any other drink, just like that. But do not abuse treat, it is fraught with overweight, because the honey and nuts are very high in calories.

Also better to find out if allergies are part of the mix that is use to harm themselves.