How to prepare the mixture to increase lactation

Walnut - product rich in vitamins, trace elements and other useful components. Its use is very useful for nursing mothers, as the nut helps increase milk production and increase its fat content.

Some women prefer to eat several nuts a day. They think that thus they will be able to enhance lactation. But experts claim that the use of nuts in raw form, only changes the composition of breast milk and its production can only affect the infusion of nuts in cow's milk.

To prepare you need to chop 200 grams of shelled nuts and pour 0.5 liters of boiling milk. Infuse the mixture should be within 3-4 hours and is best to do it in a thermos.

After this time the mixture must drain. Consequently the infusion should be consumed 20-30 minutes before every meal. Some women admitted that began to feel the rush of milk after a few minutes after the vehicle was drunk.

Infusion to increase lactation can not be stored for a long period of time. The filtered liquid remains usable during the day after cooking. Some experts suggest cooking facility and 2 times a day.

Milk, Basil infused extra walnuts, you don't drink for a long time. With the normalization of the supply of breast milk intake lactogenic drugs can be stopped. The manifestation of Allergy symptoms from the drug infusion should be immediately abandoned. Unfortunately,this happens quite often, as walnut is considered to be quite allergenic product.

How to increase lactation other methods

If the young mother has had problems with milk supply, she does not need to rely solely on the miraculous power of infusion. There are many other methods that can help to cope with this problem. Experts believe that this issue must be approached comprehensively.

Strengthening of lactation contribute to the frequent applying of the kid to his chest. That is why modern pediatricians advise feeding babies on demand, and not by the hour, as it was before. Special importance is attached to the night feedings. Night milk produced very rapidly. Night of breastfeeding to stimulate lactation.

With a shortage of milk help to cope special teas made from fennel, dill, and drink plenty of liquids. A young mother should not worry over trifles, as stress only makes the problem worse. It is important to learn to control their emotions and believe that everything will work out.