The disease may occur at any age, it occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle and various injuries. Treatment is carried out immediately below the degenerative disc disease is not passed into the chronic form. Neck pain, back pain, heaviness in the head are the first signs of this disease. If you notice any symptom, you should consult a specialist.

The term "osteochondrosis" is often used only local doctors, European and American experts rarely use this definition in their medical practice. Osteochondrosis is the process degerativnye changes of the disc located between the vertebrae. The disease may carry some complications.


First we need to register with a local doctor, he will examine you and will get a referral to a neurologist to address the problem of low back pain. For starters, you need to take more tests. Then the doctor must develop a treatment algorithm of the disease.

If your clinic is orbitology, it is better to refer to it. This doctor deals with diseases that are associated with the spine. If the specialist you are found in the free clinic, you can book an appointment at a private clinic.

The treatment can also be connected chiropractor. This specialist needs to understand the anatomy of the spine and of the arms to determine the deviation in the location of individual vertebrae. Also, the treatment may involve physiotherapists. If the osteoarthritis is detected early in the stage, you will be given special exercises to maintain overall health.


In the treatment, besides conservative methods, can be applied a complex of exercises which are designed to strengthen the muscle corset. Produces beautiful posture, decompression of the nerve endings. These exercises have a positive effect on the circulatory system, as well as greatly relieve the spine. But it is important to perform a complex of exercises under the supervision of a trainer so as not to aggravate the problem.


In the treatment of degenerative disc disease effective massage. But this should be done by a qualified technician. However, massage should be avoided during the acute illness. Massage is not desirable to do with the inflammatory processes. He also has some contraindications, for example, diseases of the skin and blood.