Such a diet thanks to the diet to normalize your weight, and will send on the right path in choosing the right diet. Thereby you will forget about hunger and hard diets.

Diet menu

Food should be of a couple of meals or three main meals. In the form of snacks you can eat: breads, nuts, dairy products, citrus fruits, apples, berries. The meals must consist of the same weight. For Breakfast you need to eat beneficial carbohydrates that will give strength for the whole day. It could be oatmeal porridge, to which you can add nuts or a banana, a sandwich of corn bread with smoked salmon or cheese cake. For dinner there is a decrease in calories, so diet calorie starts to decrease.

To balance the amount of proteins and carbohydrates in the body, it is possible to cook buckwheat with chicken fillet or cook rice and Supplement it with fish or a salad of fresh vegetables. For dinner, as the body prepares for sleep, and so he will need less energy, it is quite suitable proteins. For dinner you can eat: cottage cheese (nonfat), white meat or baked fish.

As this diet includes foods that contain fiber, proteins and a rich vitamin complex, it is prohibited to use a range of other products. These include pastries, sweets, cakes, cookies, pies and other foods high in fat and sugar. You also need to exclude any sauces and ketchup purchased in the store. Of course, don't forget about physical form, especially if way of life passive. Need to do sports and visit the gym at least 2-3 times a week.

Smart diet gives you the option of losing the extra pounds naturally. You don't have to torture yourself with starvation and strict diets.