Those who love to travel or goes on the road for business, are forced to use different modes of transport. To purchase a ticket was not a problem and did not stop the plans, you need to know what documents do I need when buying a ticket for a particular mode of transport. For example, on the ferry.

Ways to acquire a ticket for the ferry

For tourists the easiest way to buy a ticket on the ferry – with the help of the travel Agency. That is, the traveler orders a specific tour, as well as the type of transport (in this case steam) and the tour operators themselves will decide the question of buying a ticket.

In addition, to buy a ferry ticket through the offices of shipping firms. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, because such firms are located in cities that are the starting point for the ferry. And hardly any tourists that start their journey from other cities (or even countries) are first to come to other city to buy the ferry ticket. It is much easier to buy it online.

Way to purchase a ferry ticket via the Internet is considered the most versatile. You need to visit the website of a company that offers tours in the need for the traveler direction. Then use the online calculator you can calculate the approximate cost of the ticket. You need to specify the points of departure and destination, the required class cabins, as well as travel period.

If such a function doesn't know then the cost of the ticket, you can contact the staff by phone or e-mail address. Pay for tickets by credit card, e-wallet or cash through any branch of the Bank. And the port would need only to provide their name and e-ticket number (provided that the tourist travels without transport).

Buying ticket for the ferry in the port

In addition, buy a ticket for the ferry, and the port. But you need to arrive early (2-3 hours before sending) and be in possession of all the necessary documents.

Travelers are not burdened with private transport or having to use a bike, moped, scooter or motorcycle without a sidecar, can go directly to the cashier. Passport or birth certificate, they can buy a ticket and go to the ferry.

Motorists will have to wait on the storage site, while the employee terminal will not be awarded a note or token, which indicates the length of the machine, because it depends on the cost of the crossing. You can then go to the cashier. To buy tickets for the ferry are required to present a passport, passport or birth certificates of all passengers and the registration certificate of the car. On the basis of these documents and obtained the badge, the cashier will determine the freight cost and issue the tickets.