You will need
  • - the passport;
  • - proof of purpose of visit;
  • - 1 color photo of passport format;
  • - filled in Latin letters in visa application;
  • - insurance policy;
  • - money to pay the visa fee.
In the Finnish Consulate General and visa application centre in St. Petersburg has a system of appointment through the Internet. You can sign up on the website .When applying at the Consulate can be booked via phone, which is on his official website.
At the same address are invited to fill the application form in electronic form. However, you can also download the application form on the website of the Consulate General.
Collect the necessary documents. Typically, travelers need proof of residence, most often a Fax from the hotel or the Bureau of renting cottages with information about your reservation, or, for example, ferry tickets. Helsinki and St. Petersburg are closely connected direct ferry service, and possible variant of the cruise, when a passenger spends two nights on the ferry and a day in the Finnish capital.
Gathering the remaining documents of the difficulty. The list of accredited at the Consulate General of the insurance companies where you have to purchase insurance, you can find on his website in the section about the necessary documents for the visa.There offers photo requirements.If you have blank passport will not be superfluous to attach the old passport with your visa history.
Children additionally require the original certificate of birth in advance and made a photocopy. And if the child goes with one parent, notarized consent to his departure abroad.
Come to the Consulate or visa application centre at the appointed time.
Don't forget to bring your money for payment of visa fee - 35 euros in ruble equivalent at the current exchange rate for each applicant. Visa application centre will cost 21 euros in ruble equivalent advanced. The Bank cashier also accepts credit cards.