General rules for choosing a brand of vacuum cleaner

Whatever positive reviews about a particular brand you already have, but the technique any company can break. So before you buy a vacuum cleaner of a particular brand, be sure to ask the seller whether there are nearby shops performing warranty repair and service. This is especially true of expensive detergents cleaners, their warranty repairs can cost you quite expensive, as the service is, especially in the regions, not on top.

Even respected brand can produce a very successful model, which will be inconvenient to use. Choosing a particular model before you buy it, be sure to ask in online consumer reviews, already tested this cleaner in operation.

What brand to choose

There are companies that produce the most different home appliances, from mobile phones and hair dryers to vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and televisions, and there are those that spetsializiruyutsya solely on the production of vacuum cleaners. As a rule, their equipment is really perfected. This German producers Thomas and Karcher, the British firm Vax, Zelmer, Polish and American Bissel. They produce professional equipment and domestic vacuum cleaners, the choice of models is not very large, but the quality of the products is no doubt.
Especially popular are the models of Thomas and Karcher, equipped with Aqua-filter Thomas TWIN TT AQUAFILTER, Thomas GENIUS AQUAFILTER, Thomas Bravo 20S Aquafilter, Karcher DS 5500 VEX.

As for the other popular brands, they can be divided by price range. So, in the range from 1.5 to 3.5 thousand rubles, you can purchase an ordinary vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning from Samsung, Philips or LG, vacuum cleaner which has a 7-estupenda filtration system.

The average price range is from 3.5 to 10 thousand rubles, include vacuum cleaners, equipped with Aqua-filter, is a technique of Electrolux, Panasonic, Hoover and Bosch, and Samsung and Philips. They have additional functions, for example, a brush cleaner from Panasonic features a built-in touch indicator dust that allows you to control the purity and the degree of purification of the treated surfaces.
Make a choice depending on needs, it makes no sense to overpay for functions you will not use.

In the category of "premium" are mostly vacuum cleaners, which cost above 10 thousand rubles. Here, a recognized authority is a German company Miele. Her vacuum cleaner is equipped with electronic power control that allows you to regulate energy consumption depending on the level of surface contamination.