Start with yourself. Daily care of the skin, hair, nails, teeth. Never allow yourself to go with Oblivskiy varnish, unwashed hair, without brushing my teeth. Flawless skin is one of the main secrets of beauty. So she did, every night to thoroughly remove makeup, and once a week clean the skin with a peel or scrub. If your efforts are not enough – visit a beauty salon. Beautician will tell you what tools you should use.
Clean and tidy must be the clothes. If you are going to leave home, examine your wardrobe. Dirty, not ironed and ill-smelling things to wear on the street is impossible, even if you leave for a few minutes. The house also can not go messy. Bathrobes need time to wash and wear as is to buy a new one.
Watch out for his shoes. Perfectly polished, it is a sign of meticulous. Some individuals so can not stand dirty shoes that won't tolerate people who haven't seen her. In wet weather be not too lazy to put in the purse sponge for skin care and when you come into the room – clean her shoes.
Put things into place. Mess at home often starts with one being out of place things. Foster a habit to immediately hang my clothes on a hanger, instead of throwing on a chair, wash the Cup, not to put it in the sink. Daily make wet or dry cleaning – if you save the dust for a long time, and to remove it becomes more difficult.
Be careful in business. If you will sort the documents and put them in folders, and look for them, will not take long and lost they are unlikely. On time come to work and business meetings. Get a diary, so that nothing is forgotten. Such a neat approach to work will soon bear fruit – the respect of colleagues and superiors.
Becoming neat you will feel more confident and begin to get pleasure from their appearance.