The line diameter for the trimmer

The main criterion for the line trimmer is its diameter. It can be 3,2, 3, 2,4, 2, or 1.6 mm. the thicker the fishing line, the thicker the plants can be cut with brushcutters. The most popular and common line diameter 2 mm.

The thickness of the twine should meet the power of the engine of the trimmer and go in the parameters to your model trimmers. For Assembly low power suitable the line diameter of 1.3-1.6 mm, and the device is designed to work with soft and hard vegetation - 1,8-2 mm.

If you don't know what diameter to choose, before buying check the passport for the product. Here the manufacturer specifies the optimum value of the diameter of the line.

The length of the line trimmer

Usually the length of fishing line for a trimmer determine, based on the size of the package that sells the product. In stores you can see the line length from 10 to 100 m. In the latter case, the kit often includes a new coil.

However, it is also possible the option of purchasing the line at the cut. It is suitable for those who use the scythe infrequently, only for domestic purposes.

The cross section of the line trimmer

There are the following main types section of the line:
- square;
- circular;
- with sharp edges (star).

Sectional shape of the line should match the thickness of the mowed vegetation. Monofilament with a circular cross section will be required for the bevel of the lawn and the young grass. Pentagonal and square will need in the case that the grass is roughened, and on the lawns of emerged weeds.

Here the choice depends on the individual model and purpose of the trimmer. However, if you need to mow, for example, the old Bush, this line will not work, because it immediately breaks. For such purposes it is desirable to apply motokazu, equipped with a metal knife.

Modification of the coils to the trimmer

Coil (head) for the trimmer can be various modifications. For trimming of lawn suitable one-string (thread fishing line), and for clearing areas and cutting grass - with two strings, with manual adjustment of the length of the string, or for automatic submission of the line.

Modern manufacturers increasingly produce versatile trimmers with automatic two-jet coils.

The composition of the fishing line and spool for trimmer

The last criterion that you need to pay attention to the composition of the snap trimmer. Spools for trimmers are made of plastic.

But the fishing line can be made from various materials. Among them nylon. Fishing line this material has a high abrasion resistance capable of withstanding large temperature changes and high loads. In addition, during long-term storage nylon does not separate and lose its performance. All this directly affects the time use of the line.