You still grieve, be angry with yourselves, why are unable to help, ask only one question: "Why live?" Of course, such a loss does not fill, but time has not stopped. Need to find the strength to keep living, to keep in heart the memory of daughter. You need to adapt to emotional and social situation of this vital losses.
Do not accumulate in your tears. Don't listen to those who ask you not to cry, to hold, be attached. If you want to cry – cry. Tears are a reaction to your emotional pain. Don't push in front of others feelings of guilt behind your tears. You have the right to Express their feelings. After crying you will feel overwhelmed, devastated, but you will feel better. Slowly, with tears leaving sadness and a feeling of powerlessness.
Talking about her deceased daughter with loved ones who support you. Tell them about your loneliness, about the fears that you are experiencing. Say aloud what you feel. Let your feelings acquire verbal form. After you customize your pain into words and speak it, share it, it will be less.
Go to Church, order funeral prayer – that you care about the soul of the deceased.
Don't talk to the dead, because it physically is no longer with you. Do not turn to the occult.
You can start to keep a diary. Write about your thoughts, about bole of a loss. Periodically reread your entries, you will note that your feelings change. Some grown, some gone. This will provide an opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Don't cultivate a sense of guilt towards the deceased. You are not to blame. It happened. Do not destroy yourself in this feeling.
Be patient. The mount will then gradually retreat, then attack with renewed vigor. Especially difficult will be the birth and death of daughter. Order your memorial service these days, unleash the memory, visit the cemetery.
Do not ignore the needs of the body. Try to keep daily routines, exerting yourself, don't skip meals. Eat, even if you don't want. The body must be maintained. Try to relax during sleep, to get away from it all, relax as much as possible.
The time goes by. And the man is arranged so that experiencing the bitter loss. Over time you will see that the emotions that, it seemed, couldn't breathe, go by the wayside, replaced by a new one. The sense of loss has not passed, just a sharp pain gave way to sadness, sad memories. And those memories will be bright. So you will survive the most difficult period.