Norma leukocytes in the urine of the child

Every healthy person in the urine there is a certain number of leukocytes. If their numbers in the study were higher than normal, we can talk about the inflammatory process. For boys the rate of white blood cells should be no more than 2 units in sight, and for girls – no more than 3 units. Acute allergic reaction white blood cell count increases to seven units in the field of view in the study under the microscope.

In some cases the number of leukocytes may increase after taking a hot bath or a hearty lunch. In case of insufficient genital hygiene at testing the level of white blood cells in the urine will be increased, and with increased consumption of vitamin C and proteins it can fall. It is not always possible to correctly assess the white blood cell count also in the study of small amount of urine.

Which means a higher leukocytosis in the urine of the child

If you suspect an infectious disease physician must direct the child on laboratory tests of blood and urine. In case of detection in the urine of leukocytes is possible to speak about the inflammatory process affecting the kidneys, ureters or bladder. Sometimes increased leukocytes in the urine can be the consequence of a metabolic disorder or occurring in the body an allergic reaction.

To determine the level of leukocytes in the urine it is necessary when the temperature in a child that occurs for no apparent reason. In addition to leukocytes in the urine test, the doctor draws attention to the number of red blood cells, protein and other indicators, which may indicate malfunction of the kidneys. In the aggregate of all the data, the doctor makes a diagnosis and making conclusions about the health status of the child.

Often the first signs of infection of the urinary organs can be detected without resorting to laboratory research. When quickened, painful urination, when the baby suffers from pain in the abdomen, he can't sleep, increased body temperature, and the urine became turbid, mixed with pus, the appearance of the precipitate, it is necessary to consult a doctor – this is a clear symptoms of the inflammatory process in the body.

How to pass a urine test

There are cases when increased leukocytes in the urine is diagnosed wrongly – when properly assembled the material for the tests. To avoid this, you need to follow the basic rules for testing urine in children:

- for the collection of urine is necessary to use special plastic containers that can be purchased at the pharmacy;
before the collection of urine is necessary to hold a toilet of genitals with the use of disinfectants;
- collect for analysis should be morning urine sample;
- it is impossible to pour the urine from the pot into the container;
- it can not shake or freeze;
- need to deliver the material for analysis in the laboratory no later than 2 hours after collection.

If the test results the doctor questioned, he may assign a re-analysis that you should try to pass all the rules, to avoid possible error.