Shopping at online stores attract with their low prices, in comparison with a shopping offline. But the main benefit is not even that. Not suitable the item can be returned to the online store, regardless of what you purchased. According to the law "On protection of consumer rights", there is a certain list of goods that are non-refundable. But this does not apply to online purchases.

What and when you can return

When buying goods via the Internet, remember that within a week after receiving the goods you have the right to return it to the store, without explaining the reasons. You can not inform the seller that you do not like. And it does not matter exactly what you purchased. It may be difficult technique, and appliances, and even underwear.

And to refuse the goods, even without having received it. That is, during delivery. For example, if you suddenly change your mind. For this you need to notify the online store about your decision. To refer you need to the law "On protection of consumer rights", the paragraph about remote trade. Since it regulates the rights of buyers of online stores.

To purchase you can return, you need to consider some features:
- thing should be product;
- packaging must be intact (for example, preserved the integrity of the box and the fact that it was invested to protect fragile goods);
- all labels must be in place;
- all factory seals must be in place.

The fundamental difference between the return of the goods in a regular store and Internet store – in the latter case is not needed a check. For example, you pay for the goods with credit card or via electronic payment system. All the data about the purchase you already have. Additionally a check is not required.

How to return the item in the online store

After receiving a purchase from an online store, you can take it back to the seller. You have to fill in the return form, which must be applied to the purchase. In it, the seller (store) is required to specify the buyer's rights for refund. Namely:
address of shop (that is his real office offline);
- the period within which the goods can be returned (at least 7 days from the date of delivery);
- the time frame in which to be reimbursed by the funds for the purchase;
- information about how the form should be the product, a refund could be made (the paragraph on labels and seals, package integrity);
- set store contact information.

If at least one item is described in the return form, or such form is absent in the parcel, the seller did not provide all the information about the product. How does this benefit the buyer? The term of refund is increased to three months. Shipping back to the seller paid by the buyer, but the store is obliged to reimburse these funds, unless specified in its Charter. You just pay for shipping their purchase to the store, investing in a parcel filled act return and expect a refund.

It is impossible to return without a good reason in the online store the only things made to order. If they do not fit the parameters (for example, an order different from the actual color), to return a purchase because there is a violation of the purchase contract.

Money for the returned goods, the store shall reimburse within 10 days from the date of signing the withdrawal form by both parties. That is, you and the seller. It is recommended to keep receipts and other documents confirming that Neodesha thing was sent back to the store.