Trolling pike depending on habitat

The so-called dimensional, that is, a large pike who hold a deep place, also closer to the grass and come into the bays in order to eat carp or small roach. A pike caught with long distance casts, so the spoon sank to the bottom. The pike bite can occur throughout the day, but increasingly it behaves by the end of summer from 11 to 17 hours.

When fishing for large pike universal spinners, but best proven types such as "Salmon" and "Spoon", the length is 8-10 cm Spinner type rotating oscillating safer, because they do not stop their game, even with grass on the hook. Not worth it besides to catch more than 15-20 minutes in one place, although when fishing for pike Donna you can spend hours stay in one place.

For pike the river uses slightly different methods than for pike lake. Blesnet it should be early spring or autumn, in a period of strong George. Conventionally pike are divided into benthic and shallow. Shallow pike are faster, smaller in size and rests in a fast current. Pike bottom prefers deep, quiet space and is large. But in any case, river pike caught by trolling close to the bottom.

Horse pike hunt with dawn and cease hunting by noon. For a pike a good fit oblong and small spinners. River bottom pike can reach enormous sizes. This pike like to inhabit deep pools of water and prefer a medium strength current. Of its habitat, it is possible to sh for a long time wavering lures large size. Especially large specimens are caught on the track. Jumping out of the water, is only able to pike up to two pounds of weight.

As blesnet pike

For pike the lure of any type, there are other subtleties. For example, to the jig was close to the bottom, it is necessary to lower the rod end to the water. It is most convenient to strike, standing half-turned to the pond. If the speed of winding is chosen right, and the tee has a sharp edged blade, undercutting is not required at all. The need for metal leash in front of the baubles missing. Also there is no need to and sinker protivoparazitarnae, light spinner spinning type do not need the carabiner. In summer it is better to use a spoon of small size. Larger baubles are used with the onset of autumn, when the fry have grown up.