The easiest method to know what flowers prefer a girl to ask her directly. But it is not always appropriate, and I want to give her a bouquet of her favorite flowers unexpectedly as a pleasant surprise. So you'll have to take a number of risky methods to have guessed about the upcoming pleasant surprise.

Girlfriend – source of information

Girlfriend often aware of the taste of each other thoroughly, so if you have the opportunity to chat with friends girls for which you choose the bouquet, you should not miss this opportunity. In conversation it is better to go far away, asking, what colors she prefers, what he likes to eat for dinner, which happens often, and then ask the question about the preferences of her friend, dug into your soul.

Social network

Communicate with a girl in one of the popular social networks? Make for a makeshift form, which can be issued for the flash mob and ask her to answer a series of questions, including a paragraph about his favorite colors. And to the lady about anything not guessed after the answers to the questions throw her in the message the picture with her favorite flower and thank you for participating in the flashmob.

Be careful

If you are familiar already far more than a day, and her preference in colors you are still unknown, it's time to try on the role of Sherlock Holmes. View in the same social networks, which publishes pictures of the girl and where she leaves likes and whether she uploaded photos of the picture with the bouquet.

Sometimes, of course, that such speculation and logical chain do not understand to know the exact answer, and a list of favorite colors women dramatically stretched. In this case it is better not to opt for a single type of flowers, and to give a mixed bouquet, this will certainly help to please.

In extreme cases

It happens that all attempts to know the favorite flower fail. This means only one thing, you will have to start from the classics and give roses. Even if rose is not the most favorite flower girl, she is likely to say about it, taking the bouquet, and reveals the secret of its flavors. But before you order a lush bouquet of roses still find a way to make sure that girls are not allergic to the aroma of barbed Queen of the flower bed, after all happiness and joy from the gift, she may not experience.