Flowers of plants are very various shape, color, flavor or stench, but they are the source of procreation of the plant. Few people know that plants differ by gender, and determined their gender that is in the shape of a flower, and the elements of this part of the plant to ensure its reproduction. Some types of vegetables and garden crops do not bear fruit if planted just their male or female form, for example, sea buckthorn, honeysuckle or cherry in this case do not bear fruit.

How to distinguish a female flower from the male

To determine what kind of plant is very easy, it is enough to consider carefully the shape of its flowers. Male flowers are collected in inflorescence 3-7 pieces, and the female usually grow one by one, in rare cases two. The base of the female Bud is the peduncle in the form of the testis, ovary small. For example, cucumber, you can see the fruit at the base of the Bud. Male flowers grow on a thin stem and have no Foundation. Determine the sex of a plant is possible and the structure of the Bud. Inside the female usually has only a pistil; the male flowers have only stamens. Pollination occurs when pollen from male plants is transferred by insects to female flowers. But knowing how look the female flowers, can be carried out artificial pollination and greatly increase crop yields.

Methods of artificial pollination of plants

For natural pollination and fruiting of plants just one sapling on men's 6-7 women's. There are so-called dioecious plants that have both male and female buds, but they often need artificial pollination. For example, tomatoes – to increase the number of ovaries of flowering plants, just lightly shaken. But many varieties of cucumbers for the formation of large quantities of fruit require assistance, especially in cold weather when insects are not able to ensure decent pollination. Male buds, the so-called barren flowers, to be careful to release the petals and move the pollen to the stigmas of female flowers pistils. This method of pollination can be used for squash, zucchini and pumpkin, and one female may need 2-3 male flowers.

For artificial pollination of horticultural crops, in the absence of male plants in the area, you can use their branches with blossoming buds. At the base of the trunk is placed a container of water, in which put a blooming escape from the male tree.