Some users claim that to remove the page "Vkontakte" impossible. This is incorrect information. Several years ago, the administration ruled out for some time, remove the profile, but in the end still returned, though, and hid in the settings menu so that users less tempted to stop using the site.
Log in to your profile in the social network "Vkontakte" using personal login and password. From the home screen, select left menu item "My settings". Make sure that you are on the "General" tab. Scroll down and see the fine print "You can delete your page". Click on it.
Enter the reason for deleting your page. If you put a tick under the lower box, your friends will be notified about the removal and its cause. Fill in the necessary information, click "Delete page". You will see the message on successful completion of the operation, and the number of days provided for cancellation of removal. This means that you will still be able to restore the page and all the data, however, the specified time expires, the profile will be permanently deleted and you will forever lose access to it.
Remove pages at its own discretion, to carry out the administration of social network "Vkontakte". This occurs in the case that the user has violated any of the rules, for example, insulted the other person, spread other people's personal data without permission, sent spam, downloaded pornography and copyrighted content, etc. However, it is not necessary to commit such acts to completely remove your page from the site. It is better to contact the administration personally and ask the representatives of the site to remove your profile without the possibility of recovery.